Paleo Diet – Information on the Caveman Eating

The Paleo diet is geared towards improving the quality of our modern diet. It is structured on a popular belief that today’s genes are based on living conditions that were formed a long time ago through an evolution process.

Farming and cultivation of crops like wheat have not been existing that long. From research, it is a clear indication that our bodies have not adapted well to digest these types of foods properly.

This is because humans take a longer time to adapt their metabolism and physiology to different lifestyles that emerge. We, as humans, have not had enough time to adapt our genes to digesting grains, legumes, and dairy products. This is a major reason many people have developed digestive issues.

The Paleo Diet

This diet is prepared around what the caveman ate: fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat. The lesson that we are taught from Paleo diet is that, if it comes in a box, don’t eat it.

This particular way of eating is based on many foods. For instance, you can eat lean cuts of meat and organ meats. Cavemen indulged themselves in eating eggs and stayed away from dairy products.

If you eat eggs, which is perfectly fine, then you are advised to eat six eggs a week. Nuts can also be a good supplement when you are eating your Paleo diet meal. Nuts contain monounsaturated fats that are considered the good kinds of fat you should take.

Nuts are also very beneficial, for example, it can lower cholesterol, reduce heart disease and the risk of getting some cancers some breast cancer. A word of discretion is that if you are planning to take Paleo diet to lose weight, then you should limit the calories of nuts. If you stay on this diet, then your metabolism will increase, which means that you can eat more nuts at a later stage.

No Added Sugar, Please!

There is a great caution on the foods that we should stay away from, especially those that come in a box and looks very enticing. We are told not to eat them, but there are off limit foods too, but they don’t come in a box. It is obvious that the cavemen did not have soda machines in their caves. These means that sugary foods like soda are off limits. In short, food made from grains, dairy, and sugar is off the limits.

Paleo Diet Meals for Weight Loss

Paleo diet limits many typical food choices, but if you follow this diet well, you will have more benefits than doing the opposite. Paleo diet has been confirmed that it is made up of high-protein meals. Research has come up with results that if an average person eats a high-protein diet for around six months, they lose between 10-15 pounds.

This loss comes even without interfering with your physical activity. Now if you interfere with your physical activity, you may even lose more weight. This makes Paleo diet the best choice for anyone who wants to lose weight.