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10 Healthy Diet Tips

healthy diet tipsFind your own healthy balance

The big challenge when you want to lose weight is not only to know what to eat, but how to succeed with the method – to find a way to keep going on with the new habits for a longer period of time.

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Researchers tell us that the most common weight-loss programs give a result, at least short term. But there is a great risk to gain weight again as soon as one quit the diet. It is an advantage if you during your main diet period can find new habits, new way of eating, an easy healthy diet that you are motivated to continue long term

Here is a list of 10 healthy diet tips that might help you:

1. Do not change all at once

If you have decided to lose weight – keep your focus on that. Do not make any major changes in your lifestyle the same time.

Small changes, though, like exercise more; getting off the bus a little earlier so you have to walk, take the stairs instead of elevator etc. are, of course, good changes!

2. Set up a goal

What is the motivation for you to lose weight? Which hindrance can you see? Do you want to improve blood pressure, get strength to play with the kids, buy smaller clothes…?

Start with setting a goal. One important point is to have a time limit. Then you could make a smaller goal in between, and give yourself some reward when achieved the part goal. Even think through and plan what to do if you have some setbacks. How will you solve hem?

Create a strategy to master temptations: What shall I eat at thanksgiving dinner? Christmas? Etc. A plan will help you!

3. Eat regularly

The best way of not eating too much is to eat regularly. Three meal and some snacks in between. This is the best healthy diet tips. Think of not eating too big portions.

4. Have fun – but be on guard!

Find out what makes you go off track. Some fast food store on the way from work? Take one other way!

Be more active – but do it in a fun way, for example, sports and outdoor activities that you like! Fill your spare time with such activities and you will not think about food that much!

5. Make your shopping when you have eaten!

Hunger is the overweight person’s biggest enemy. If you go shopping on an empty stomach, there is a great risk that you will buy things not so healthy. So eat before you go shopping and make a list what to buy. That minimize the risk buying things you should not…..!

6. Low energy product

Even if trying different weight loss products is not the best healthy diet tips to losing weight, it sometimes can help you kick start your weight loss. Just keep in mind that if you do not change your eating habits, you immediately will get your pounds back when stopping the diet product.

7. Increase your physical activity

When you start exercising the body will be affected in a positive way. One positive thing that if you exercise while losing weight you do not lose muscles, you lose fat!

8. Make several changes

Trying to lose weight is more efficient if you are doing several changes. Eat healthier food, change habits, be more physical active etc.

9. Try losing weight together

If you have the possibility to lose weight together with friends or in some group it is a great help! The pressure that comes from the group – and the support – helps you be motivated!

10. Let it take time!

One other important point amongst healthy diet tips is to focus on losing weight during a long period of time, not fast. Remember – you want to lose weight and then keep it that way!
Good Luck!

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