Healthy Eating with Dietary Fiber

healthy eatingOften when we are looking for the nutrition content for our foods, we tend to focus on calories, fats, and vitamins.

But we can not forget the importance of fiber-rich foods.

There are studies telling us that actually less than half of US citizens got enough fiber in their diet!

We need to change that in order to return to our healthy eating.

Fiber is very important to improve our health and well-being. Let’s share some facts:

What does it mean to eat fiber rich foods?

Roughage or dietary fiber is the indigestible part of plants that travels through the digestive tract.  You could say that the fibers are helping the body to absorb more water and therefore, to eliminate the wastes. It also helps the body to absorb than nutrients that we need.

Two types of fiber important in an easy healthy diet

Soluble Fiber:

This fiber is the one who lowers your cholesterol levels. That means that if we have an enough intake of this fiber we will reduce the risk of developing heart problems like stroke for example.

Insoluble fiber:

This particular fiber increases bulk that your body needs. If you use to experience a problem with constipation, this fiber is what you need. It helps your stomach and intestines to function properly.

What are the benefits of this healthy eating; getting enough fiber in your diet?

Bowel Movement

Having enough fiber in your diet helps you have a well-formed and soft stool. It is important that wastes can pass easily. As said before; it will prevent constipation. But even if you have the opposite problem; diarrhea, adding fiber to your diet can be your solution. The fiber rich food you eat will help you absorb water and form bulky stools.

If you suffer from an irritable bowel syndrome you most likely will be helped by choosing foods that are very fiber rich.

Having a high fiber diet also reduces your risk of developing hemorrhoids since fiber helps you pass stool in an easy way.

There is no need for straining during defecation. As you see; a diet that is filled with fiber is the great way of preventing these health conditions.

Blood Cholesterol Levels

The bad cholesterol called LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein), is causing problems for many people. Their level of cholesterol is often much too high and a change to more healthy eating is a necessity. Soluble fiber is the kind of fiber that helps maintain an ideal cholesterol level by reducing the amount LDL in your body. According to different studies fiber also lower your blood pressure.

Blood Sugar Levels

Fiber is used also for diabetics to avoid sudden peaks on their blood sugar level. The soluble fiber helps the body when absorbing sugar. Enough insoluble fiber in your body is also said to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes.

Aids in Weight Loss

There are benefits of eating high-fiber foods also when it comes to trying to lose weight. The fiber rich food is taking a longer time to chew than other types of foods, and the body has time to get the signals of being full. It, therefore, helps tendencies of overeating and is a common part of diets for weight loss.

This type of food also lowers the cravings because of the time it takes to digest.
This would lessen the chances of overeating. A high- fiber meal will also lower down hunger cravings because fiber takes a longer time to be digested. You feel full longer when you eat food with high fiber content, so eating fiber rich food is really a healthy eating choice!

It is also a fact that fibrous foods like vegetables, whole grain bread etc. often has a low amount of calories and that also might benefit the weight loss efforts.

One other important, but maybe not so well known fact is that fiber fight off carcinogenic agents, thus lowering your risk of getting certain types of cancer. That means that it is a good choice to add more fiber to your meals if you want to improve your health!

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Natural Health – Foods To Eat To Stay Healthy

milkNowadays, people have become more conscious about which foods to eat to stay healthy. It seems like all of us are chasing some kind of easy healthy diet that will help us feel good. Books and fit programs are sold like never before. People listen to information and they read articles in order to try to lose weight and stay healthy

What are the foods to eat to stay healthy? Is there something we could call and easy healthy diet that we can keep long term, and that make a healthy change in our lives?

There are many voices out there trying to sell us foods that are more or less artificial. It might look on the label as food with a lot of vitamins etc., but I fact it often contains a lot of unhealthy chemicals. His is true when it comes to many weight loss products today. It can seem to be convenient buying food that are processed and ready to eat, but that health consequences is not worth it. And to be honest, the taste is nothing like real, natural food!

Some healthy diet tips

Instead eat food that tastes good; an easy healthy diet with natural foods. Foods that we use to buy, the real thing is the best. Our body needs certain things to function well, such as sodium. Sodium helps cleanse the body and prevent diseases. Our body also needs fat. Fat amongst many things keeps our skin supple and make us feeling younger. If you do not have protein in the diet you might have problem when your body needs healing for example.  During the growing up years the protein is also crucial, it helps building our cells. Carbohydrates are needed to maintain energy levels, and are also necessary. But as always; everything has to be taken in the right amounts and quantities.

The problem we have in the society today is not the food itself. We can get very nutritious and great foods. The problem we face is the attitude towards food. It is the unbalance between the different food groups that causes our problems and weakens our body. We have many times developed a lifestyle where things needs to go fast, and where fast food etc. has been something necessary for many in order to coop with life. But the result is a lot of sick and not well functioning bodies and a huge amount of people are trying to lose weight because of it. It is like we have forgotten the natural way of eating. That is to plan for ourselves an easy healthy diet without processed food and without chemicals.

Aside from the food groups that have been classified by science, there are only two types of food in nature that are provided to us. One is food for nutrition, the other are food for medicine and healing. Examples of these are garlic, turmeric and other herbs too many to mention. Every food has its own function and counter action. Spinach has oxalic acid and oranges have counter effects bad for certain blood types, eating raw exposes us to certain microorganisms etc. Every food has properties different and tends to counter balance another food.

Every region on earth will always provide a balanced food source for that region. Depending on where we live we also find various foods. But if you look close to it, you will see that same balancing effect in the food you have here as on other places on the earth. That should tell us something.

The earth provides everything we need for us to consume and enjoy and stay healthy. The most important thing is as always: “that we should eat all the food groups in correct quantities and proportions”. That way we enjoy life, that way we stay truly healthy.










Eating For a Healthy Heart

14096639673yz28To eat healthy is important due to many things, not at least our heart. To have a healthy heart all of us wish! If you belong to those who have suffered heart attacks or other heart issues you now the importance of a healthy eating. And it is possible to restore our health and reduce future heart problem by changing diet.

An easy, healthy diet for a healthy heart

Many agree on the fact that saturated fat will help you raise the cholesterol. Others think different due to statistics. And high cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease. Those overweight or obese are more prone to having heart problems. If your diet is high in sodium you are also exposed to the risk of elevate your blood pressure. That can be leading to inflammation and even heart disease.

There is much to say about this issue, but below you find a few short advices to an easy healthy diet that will help you on the beginner’s right track:

Healthy diet tips:

  • Eat plenty of fish

Omega 3- essential fatty acids you find in that what we can call “Fat Fish”; Herring, sardines, and salmon. They are all good examples of Omega 3 sources. Omega 3 will help your cholesterol coming to a normal level.

  • Choose Healthy fats and oils

Monounsaturated fats will help you protect your heart. Olive oil is the best choice. You can use olive oil for cooking, dressing, or even as a dipping sauce. Some experts warn that butter is unhealthy for your heart, while other recommends butter instead of processed oils. Find out more here.

  • Fiber rich food

Fiber will of course help you digest the food, but the fiber you find in whole grain products also can help absorb sugar in your system. That makes fiber something very important when it comes to controlling you cholesterol.

  • Carb issue

Well, we all know that if we want a healthy life; we need to take it easy with sugary food, such as candy, cookies, cakes, and pastries.  Sugar is not good at all; nothing new about that, but still important to note.

Choose fruits when wanting something sweet and you will help your heart. There are healthy carbohydrates; you find them in whole grain breads, whole grain pasta, brown rice, and a lot of vegetables.  Even though there are health experts that also tell us to avoid even those carbs.

Healthy cooking methods

Stir fry or sauté your food with olive oil that is both tasty and healthy. And why not try to bake food in foil – no fat is necessary and it tastes great! It is good for fish, chickens, and even meat! For me, cooking in oil has helped me maintain and easy healthy diet. Steaming your vegetables can help maintain the most nutrients, even better is to go raw with the vegetables.  Try to squeeze lemon juice on the vegetables instead of using cream sauces etc. Why not use your favorite seasonings.

Changing habits is not the easiest thing to do. But we need to start somewhere and find our own natural way of living. It is important for our body as a whole, but not at least the heart that we improve our living with better food choices.



Maintain a Healthy Colon

waterglassThe colon is the part of the digestive system that drains excess and waste material out from the body. Our colon is long – about 5 feet! And the colon has a very important function in our body. It absorbs the nutrients we need to stay healthy and from the colon the vitamins etc., goes to the bloodstream and then out to every part in our body to help it functioning in a perfect way.

All the excess and toxic materials are excreted as feces.

If we maintain a healthy colon by healthy eating we will prevent the body from many chronic diseases. That’s how important our colon is!  There are too many to mention them all, but constipation, Candida, diarrhea, malnutrition, crohns disease, irritable bowel movement and more.

The colon can in the long run form plaque that makes it less efficient absorber the nutrient our body needs. As the plaque builds up, the colon clogs with decaying materials. The decaying materials stick to the colons lining that in turn breed unhealthy bacteria that form toxins.

Those unhealthy bacteria and toxins will eventually be absorbs into the bloodstream. And when that happens it will cause problems. Diseases like we mentioned before might appear.

The body gives signal when the colon is not working very well, but many does not listen to the body. If you feel sluggish, maybe having mood swings could be a sign of a not so well working colon.

There are help though to clean the colon and help it stay healthy. Sometimes a year you should go through some kind of colon cleanse for healthier colon. Colon cleansing programs scrubs the intestines of decaying materials and flushes it out of the body. It also reduces the plaque that were formed if not totally eliminate them.

After the colon cleanse, the colon again start absorbing good nutrients and the body will stay fit and healthy again. It might not be so pleasant to do, but afterwards you will feel energized and active.

There are two main things to do to help the colon staying fresh:

1. Drink water.
Water is a natural and universal cleaning agent that it is very healthy to drink a lot of water every day. Even if you might feel uncomfortable drinking much water and therefore also empty your bladder more often, that is actually also something good. The flushing out of toxins through the colon the urinary tract and the skin promotes our natural health.

2. Eat fiber rich foods.
Make healthy eating a habit by eating food that has high fiber content. Fruits and vegetables are good examples. Fibers are natural colon cleansers as they attract materials in the lining of the colon and flush it out with the feces.

Maintaining a healthy colon does not take much. Refrain from overly processed foods, eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and drink liters of water!