How to Avoid Sugar Problems

Avoid Sugar Problems

Avoid Sugar Foods

There are of course foods we need to avoid in order to live a healthy life and lose weight.  We all know that foods containing sugar belong to that category. Sugar is not good at all for our body.

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The Sugar Problem

The problem with sugar is that it rushes the insulin, and the resultant of that is that we get those sugar cravings…you just must have something sweet because your blood sugar level is so low!

When you have those feelings we all know what will happen, right? Yes…we forget all health talk and throw ourselves over some tempting brownie or candy bar….!

When we talk about sugar we often think about “sugar foods” as candies, cookies, cakes, all those things that we need to avoid. But there are also other “sugar traps”.

Watch Out for These Sugar Traps:

  1. Bread & Grains

One problem is that food that we normally think should be perfectly fit into an easy healthy diet, like bread, for instance, might not be good for us at all! Most bread contains a lot of carbohydrates, and some of the carbs become sugar in the body and, therefore, have the same negative effect on us as if we had eaten candy!

Not every carb has that effect, and we, of course, need carbs to stay healthy. We just need to know which carb to eat and which to stay away from! Did you know that even whole grain products might be a problem for you? And did you know that some carbs actually burns fat! So we need to know how to avoid sugar foods.

2. Fruit Juices

To drink juice is the healthiest thing of all, if you listen to those health gurus and their different weight loss programs. Especially if the package promises no sugar added. But watch out…juice is one other real sugar trap. It contains a lot of sugar. But yes, we need the healthy stuff in there, so a tip is to eat the fruit as it is, because then you will also get fibers and other nutrition which are lost in the juice processing.

If someone tells you…and sorry to say many are.., not to eat fruits and vegetables. Don’t listen to them! We all know that most fruits and vegetables are excellent health food! An easy healthy diet can’t exist without them! Even my grandma knew that!

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