Healthy Eating with Dietary Fiber

healthy eatingOften when we are looking for the nutrition content for our foods, we tend to focus on calories, fats, and vitamins.

But we can not forget the importance of fiber-rich foods.

There are studies telling us that actually less than half of US citizens got enough fiber in their diet!

We need to change that in order to return to our healthy eating.

Fiber is very important to improve our health and well-being. Let’s share some facts:

What does it mean to eat fiber rich foods?

Roughage or dietary fiber is the indigestible part of plants that travels through the digestive tract.  You could say that the fibers are helping the body to absorb more water and therefore, to eliminate the wastes. It also helps the body to absorb than nutrients that we need.

Two types of fiber important in an easy healthy diet

Soluble Fiber:

This fiber is the one who lowers your cholesterol levels. That means that if we have an enough intake of this fiber we will reduce the risk of developing heart problems like stroke for example.

Insoluble fiber:

This particular fiber increases bulk that your body needs. If you use to experience a problem with constipation, this fiber is what you need. It helps your stomach and intestines to function properly.

What are the benefits of this healthy eating; getting enough fiber in your diet?

Bowel Movement

Having enough fiber in your diet helps you have a well-formed and soft stool. It is important that wastes can pass easily. As said before; it will prevent constipation. But even if you have the opposite problem; diarrhea, adding fiber to your diet can be your solution. The fiber rich food you eat will help you absorb water and form bulky stools.

If you suffer from an irritable bowel syndrome you most likely will be helped by choosing foods that are very fiber rich.

Having a high fiber diet also reduces your risk of developing hemorrhoids since fiber helps you pass stool in an easy way.

There is no need for straining during defecation. As you see; a diet that is filled with fiber is the great way of preventing these health conditions.

Blood Cholesterol Levels

The bad cholesterol called LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein), is causing problems for many people. Their level of cholesterol is often much too high and a change to more healthy eating is a necessity. Soluble fiber is the kind of fiber that helps maintain an ideal cholesterol level by reducing the amount LDL in your body. According to different studies fiber also lower your blood pressure.

Blood Sugar Levels

Fiber is used also for diabetics to avoid sudden peaks on their blood sugar level. The soluble fiber helps the body when absorbing sugar. Enough insoluble fiber in your body is also said to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes.

Aids in Weight Loss

There are benefits of eating high-fiber foods also when it comes to trying to lose weight. The fiber rich food is taking a longer time to chew than other types of foods, and the body has time to get the signals of being full. It, therefore, helps tendencies of overeating and is a common part of diets for weight loss.

This type of food also lowers the cravings because of the time it takes to digest.
This would lessen the chances of overeating. A high- fiber meal will also lower down hunger cravings because fiber takes a longer time to be digested. You feel full longer when you eat food with high fiber content, so eating fiber rich food is really a healthy eating choice!

It is also a fact that fibrous foods like vegetables, whole grain bread etc. often has a low amount of calories and that also might benefit the weight loss efforts.

One other important, but maybe not so well known fact is that fiber fight off carcinogenic agents, thus lowering your risk of getting certain types of cancer. That means that it is a good choice to add more fiber to your meals if you want to improve your health!

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