Maintain a Healthy Colon

waterglassThe colon is the part of the digestive system that drains excess and waste material out from the body. Our colon is long – about 5 feet! And the colon has a very important function in our body. It absorbs the nutrients we need to stay healthy and from the colon the vitamins etc., goes to the bloodstream and then out to every part in our body to help it functioning in a perfect way.

All the excess and toxic materials are excreted as feces.

If we maintain a healthy colon by healthy eating we will prevent the body from many chronic diseases. That’s how important our colon is!  There are too many to mention them all, but constipation, Candida, diarrhea, malnutrition, crohns disease, irritable bowel movement and more.

The colon can in the long run form plaque that makes it less efficient absorber the nutrient our body needs. As the plaque builds up, the colon clogs with decaying materials. The decaying materials stick to the colons lining that in turn breed unhealthy bacteria that form toxins.

Those unhealthy bacteria and toxins will eventually be absorbs into the bloodstream. And when that happens it will cause problems. Diseases like we mentioned before might appear.

The body gives signal when the colon is not working very well, but many does not listen to the body. If you feel sluggish, maybe having mood swings could be a sign of a not so well working colon.

There are help though to clean the colon and help it stay healthy. Sometimes a year you should go through some kind of colon cleanse for healthier colon. Colon cleansing programs scrubs the intestines of decaying materials and flushes it out of the body. It also reduces the plaque that were formed if not totally eliminate them.

After the colon cleanse, the colon again start absorbing good nutrients and the body will stay fit and healthy again. It might not be so pleasant to do, but afterwards you will feel energized and active.

There are two main things to do to help the colon staying fresh:

1. Drink water.
Water is a natural and universal cleaning agent that it is very healthy to drink a lot of water every day. Even if you might feel uncomfortable drinking much water and therefore also empty your bladder more often, that is actually also something good. The flushing out of toxins through the colon the urinary tract and the skin promotes our natural health.

2. Eat fiber rich foods.
Make healthy eating a habit by eating food that has high fiber content. Fruits and vegetables are good examples. Fibers are natural colon cleansers as they attract materials in the lining of the colon and flush it out with the feces.

Maintaining a healthy colon does not take much. Refrain from overly processed foods, eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and drink liters of water!

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