The Benefits Of Eating Raw Vegetables and Fruits

The Benefits Of Eating Raw To eat raw food is what it sounds – it is an easy healthy diet consisting unprocessed and uncooked foods.

As a raw food eater, you avoid cooking in high temperature, and you prefer the vegetables and fruits in its uncooked state. The sources of nutrition include primarily fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, grains, and beans.

Raw Food Recipes for Weight Loss

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Why should you not cook the food?

The Benefits Of Eating Raw Vegetables are many, but one is that you destroy the enzymes in the food while cooking. The function of the enzymes is to help your body break down the food, and they also help the body to digest it.

If you cook the food and eliminate the enzymes, the body is still able to produce these enzymes, but it takes energy to do that, and because of that you feel tired and out of energy after you have eaten!

Upon that the cooking also destroys vitamins that we need in order to stay healthy. This is the main reason we call this diet an easy healthy diet. It takes care of your health and does not destroy the nutrients that are there to keep us from being sick in the first place! That does make sense, right?

Raw Food Recipes for Weight Loss

The Benefits Of Eating Raw

There are several other benefits from eating raw food diet, such as:

  • It is an efficient weight-loss diet –many choose this diet as number one when it comes to ultimate weight loss solutions
  • Can be used as detoxification
  • Increases your energy
  • Helps your immune system
  • Reduces the risk of allergies
  • Keeps your diabetes under control without of insulin
  • Helps your digestion
  • Make your skin and hair look and feel healthier
  • It will decrease your cholesterol level

It takes some time to begin eating raw food to adjust to proper portions size and to get used to the fresh food eating. Some people think it is hard not to cook the food as they used to. But sometimes we need to make adjustments to our not so good habits.

If we choose to change to an easy healthy diet instead of the more common, unhealthy eating, the quality of your decision will help you through the adjustment. What do I mean by that? Just decide to make a change! It is not as hard as it seems in the beginning.

When choosing to eat foods that come from animal sources, such as meat, fish or poultry, you should cook before eating. A raw food diet consists of around 75% raw and 25% cooked.

There are certain bacteria like salmonella that needs to be destroyed by cooking procedure.

Raw Food Recipes 

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