What Is The Raw Food Diet?

easyhealthydiet7Are you familiar with the raw Food diet? It is an easy healthy diet that has become a real popular diet today, not only for weight loss and fitness, but also a diet for a long and healthy lifestyle. Many choose this way of eating instead of using different kinds of weight loss products.

A big problem today is that we are eating a lot of processed food without thinking that much about what we actually are feeding our body. We have come a far way from eating nutritious food like our ancestors did.

To stay on a raw food diet means as it sounds, you consume your food in a natural, unprocessed way. There are several good reasons to do it – reasons that we should be happy about!

Reasons for this easy healthy diet type

One important reason is that when you cook your food, a lot of the basic nutrients will be destroyed. I am sure that you have heard that you should not peel potatoes too deep because most of the nutrients and values you find just under the surface.

Does a raw food eater newer cook their food? Well, you can say a raw food diet is 75% uncooked. Most of the foods are eaten unprocessed and uncooked. The foods we are talking about are organic, whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, etc. If you cook your food, it will take out both flavor and nutrition from vegetables and fruits. If you are looking for an easy healthy diet, nothing can beat the raw food diet! It is much uncomplicated!

Yes, it is eating more like our ancestors. But remember – our ancestors were much healthier than what we are today. They cooked very little, especially when it came to vegetables and fruits. The water was a then of course healthier than ever, coming from some spring.

If you think about it – does it not make some sense that this is how it was meant to be? To be on a diet that are easy and healthy; a diet to eat in harmony with our own metabolism. We are meant to work, and we certainly need exercise, but eating raw and natural food also gives the body energy.

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